3 reasons why water vapour fireplaces are a great alternative to regular fireplaces

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You enjoy fireplaces and would love to have one in your home, but you don’t want to be breathing in the toxic byproduct fire produce. With VPC’s AFIRE water vapour fireplaces, you can get the luxuries you desire without harming the environment. Whether you live in a location where you aren’t able to make structural changes to your home, VPC’s AFIRE water vapour fireplace is the right option for you. If you need more convincing,  here are 3 reasons why they are a great alternative to common fireplaces. 

1. They are eco-friendly

We all want to save the planet and defend life on earth. What if I told you that you could do this by having a luxury water vapour fireplace added? AFIRE is the first fireplace of its kind with innovative technology that preserves the planet while enhancing your quality of life. Standard fireplaces emit dangerous CO2, contribute to global warming and cause harm to your health by radiating dangerous emissions. Water vapour fireplaces are the ultimate green solution running solely from tap water and small power sources to create stunning features in your home. With the addition of pure essential oils, your fireplace has gone from being an environmental and health hazard to a high-end restorative earth-conscious solution. Traditional wood-burning fireplaces also contribute to acid rain, particle pollution and smog. Updating your home with the VPC AFIRE high-tech green fireplace you are saving your health as well as being part of the solution in protecting our planet. 

2. Easy installation for renters, homeowners and public spaces 

Fireplaces have been reserved for the luxury homeowner as costs to purchase and install have made them inaccessible to a large majority. With renters being excluded entirely from the opportunity of adding beautiful fire features in their homes, VPC is liberating the masses in a fire revolution. This smart technology is ready from the box and does not involve difficult or complex installation. Because there are no vents needed, your walls and roof remain intact simply place your insert in a decorative case for a photo-finished look. Both the advanced and prestige models have manual water filling functions and a 20-hour run time meaning that both your walls and plumbing remain unharmed as the fireplaces do not need to be connected to water outlets. However, with the prestige line, you can fully experience all of the capabilities of a water inlet giving you access to the automation of filling and draining functions. 

3. Safety for your home and guests

Fire has been an age-old element to both admire and fear. Your home can go up in smoke if a fire is left unattended. However, we are taking the power back with the safe and luxurious AFIRE fireplaces. Running only from tap water no harsh chemicals are being released into your home, and unlike standard diffusers which have mould buildup over time, AFIRE uses smart technology in each fireplace internally self-cleaning every 24 hours. While your water vapour fireplace is running it also filters your air with a purification system removing 99% of all viruses, spores and bacteria which allows you to breathe the healthiest air possible. The most notable safety feature is the distinct lack of heat. This makes your fire feature a year-round enjoyable home upgrade, while also being fully safe for family, friends and guests of all ages. 

When you have a VPC AFIRE fireplace installed in your home, you not only opt for a luxury feeling but a healthier choice. The aesthetic beauty enhances your home and adds comfort to your lifestyle while you and your family enjoy the health benefits of saving the planet and breathing purer air.