About VPC

Vapour Products Canada Inc. (VPC) is a Canadian company focused on bringing you innovative safe and beautiful home solutions. With the AFIRE range, VPC has skillfully removed the inconveniences of a traditional fire.


You will never have to choose between a fire feature in your home and the heat of a wood-burning or gas fireplace. AFIRE’s water vapour fireplace protects you from damage that may be caused by traditional fire features.

Designed with elegance and innovative technology AFIRE is the safest environmentally conscious product on the market. Made from water vapour and light these two items are blended to create a complex, beautiful and environmentally responsible luxury statement fire piece that will leave both you and your guests continually in awe.

Our Mission

AFIRE was created to address the concerns of traditional fire while retaining the features you love. Current technology has improved the fire experience and changed the game with app-controlled features at your fingertips, including 15 colour and speed settings. Fireplaces have been a luxury historically afforded only to homeowners due to risks and structural requirements to have this decor piece in your home. VPC inc has removed these barriers making luxury home upgrades available now to all urban housing, rental, and public spaces.


These products do not require professional installation or structural changes to your home or apartment. AFIRE fireplaces operate freestanding in any room or installed on walls for your ultimate convenience. When your AFIRE fireplace arrives in the box it only needs to be placed into its decorative housing and plugged in with the country-specific adapter that accompanies your purchase.

The clean reasons why Water Vapour Fireplaces
are what your home needs...

Air Purifying

AFIRE fireplaces are the only vapour fireplace on the market that operates a germicidal UV-c treatment while your fire is on. Ultraviolet treatment kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, spores and microorganisms found in the air you breathe.

Minimal Maintenance

Our units have an internal purifying function operating every 24-hour cycle whether your unit is powered on or off to reduce mould buildup.

Tap Water

VPC’s entire AFIRE product line runs exclusively from basic tap water and standard power. With manual filling on our advanced line or an automated fill/drain function integrated into the prestige line and 20 hours of burn time, this product has been thoroughly created with the user in mind for ultimate comfort, affordability and elevated luxury living.
*Use tap water within reason