When you receive your fireplace it will come with an electrical connector for your geographical location meaning that you will not need to source a special adapter and your fireplace will be ready to use immediately. The system has a 100/200V (50-60 Hz) – 24V adapter.

Yes, AquaFire is by far the most efficient fireplace on the market, leading the way into a green future in the hearth and decor industry. All parts all tested and warranted to the toughest standard.

Your VPC AFIRE fireplace will come ready to use. All you have to do is move it from the box into the decorative case/wall feature you have ready for your fireplace and connect the adapter.

While there is very minimal maintenance required, the biggest determining factor is how harsh the water you use is. If you use hard water this will shorten the lifespan of your unit requiring more maintenance. However, if you do need parts they are very easy to source directly from your supplier and are easily changed. If you do not run your fireplace for a week you should manually drain it to ensure stagnant water is not being used and cleaning the tank and vents with a soft cloth occasionally is recommended. There are also filters, fans and LED lights in your unit. The lifespan of the filters and fans depends on the surroundings your fireplace is being used in and the LED lights are rated to last 2500 hours.

VPC AFIRE water vapour fireplaces are completely heat-free fire features. This means you can rest easy knowing your fireplace can be installed anywhere without the fear of damage to your home and protecting your children from any chance of burns from a traditional heat-filled fire.

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